Each co-op family is required to be a part of the set-up and/or clean-up crew. This will mean that you arrive at least 30 minutes before 1st period and/or plan to stay at least 30 minutes after 5th period to assist with set-up and/or clean-up. You'll be accountable for these jobs by signing out at the end of the day. We will assign families specific tasks as it relates to set-up and/or clean-up and this would be a "co-op job assignment." If you are registered for all 5 periods you will, most likely, be placed to serve in a set-up AND clean-up job. For those families who only attend for a few class periods, you will be placed in either a set-up or clean-up position. You will receive your "crew assignment(s)" family reports are printed. Please remember that these "crew assignment(s)" are family jobs - this means that you need to keep your children with you as you complete your job and please include them in the process to the best of your ability. We believe that this will foster a cooperative "sense" for all of our members. We will do our best to accommodate your family's schedule; however, we cannot guarantee this accommodation. Any questions regarding the set-up/clean-up crews need to be directed to MikelAnn Maier.

Disciplinary Policy

  1. If misconduct occurs, student will be given a verbal warning.
  2. If misconduct continues, student will be removed from classroom and have a conversation with a LHC Board Member and parent.
  3. If pattern of behavior continues, student may be removed from classes at LHC.
  4. Being a member of LHC is a privilege and one's membership can be revoked due to excessive misconduct as determined by the LHC Board.
  5. The LHC Board reserves the right to handle unusual circumstances as they see appropriate.

Safety Concerns

Skate boards, long boards, heelies, rollerblades, scooters, bikes, etc. are NOT permitted on the co-op campus.

Snow Policy

If the Puyallup School District is closed or delayed (due to weather), co op classes MIGHT be canceled. Please check the co-op website to confirm co-op status. If you do not have e-mail please check with your e-mail buddy. Do not call the church for information.


We have committed to the church that we will only have lunch food eaten downstairs. Students may eat lunch in the fellowship room or any downstairs hallways. Lunch may also be eaten in room 9 for those in 6th grade or above & any adults. Room 10 will be open for Adults only. These are the only rooms that are allowed to have food in them outside of class activities. These rooms will need to be picked up and tables cleaned off by 11:55 . If you have children using a room it is the parent's responsibility to make sure that their children clean up after themselves. Students may also eat outside during the lunch hour. If your child is 5th grade or younger, the parent must accompany the child while he/she is outside. Out of respect for our host church we ask you to bring WATER ONLY for your beverage; JUICE and POP are not allowed. (Throughout the day we do allow moms to have a beverage of their choice, but this privilege is not available to students.) In order to not fill up Lighthouse's dumpster we ask that you take your garbage home with you. General announcements concerning LHC activities may be made during the lunch session. Unless a student is leaving campus with a parent, or with parents' permission, students are required to remain on campus during lunch. Any lunch boxes left behind will be thrown out, because we do not have refrigeration storage available for food items.

Information Center

An information center will be set up in the Fellowship Center. Board members will be available at this center throughout the co-op day. Each family will have a mailbox that will be located in the Fellowship Center. It is your responsibility to check twice daily (preferably when you arrive at co-op and when you depart) for updates and news about LHC.

Information is to be posted on the bulletin board only by a board member. If you have information you wish to share, it must be cleared by a board member first and she will date and sign the item prior to posting. Items posted do not necessarily constitute LHC endorsement or promotion.


(Birth through 36 months) There are no session fees for the nursery. The only payment required is a $5 per semester to cover the cost of snacks and supplies for nursery. All children in the nursery need to have a diaper bag that is packed with diapers, wipes, labeled cup and a change of clothes. Babies are not allowed in the classrooms at any time. Diaper changing should only be done in the nursery. Feeding and nursing should only be done in the nursery, pre-school or, lunchroom.

Lost & Found

There is a Lost & Found Box at the downstairs church entrance. LHC is not liable for lost or unclaimed items. Items not claimed will be given to the Goodwill or Tacoma Rescue Mission.


Please use the parking lot in the back and along the side of the church. If you would like to park in a handicapped spot while unloading please feel free to do so, but we ask that you move your car to the back or side parking lot for the remainder of the day. Parking anywhere else on the church premises is prohibited (ie. fire lane.)

Emergency Procedures

Teachers will be instructed in fire safety and walk the children through the escape plan in each class. If alarms sound, all children should be evacuated away from the building. Children are to remain with their teacher. A board member will notify teachers when it is safe to re enter the building. Should we be unable to enter the building, teachers will remain with their students until parents pick them up. In the event of an earthquake, everyone should go under a table and assume the duck and cover position, staying away from windows.

Teacher Absence

If a teacher is unable to come to class due to illness or emergency, the Teacher Assistant for that class will be responsible Substitute Teacher. The Teacher will call the Teacher Assistant to inform her about the absence and what the class plan should be for the day. Tuition will not be refunded.

Parental Supervision

It is our co-op policy that all set up and clean up jobs are to be "family jobs" and students are to be with their parents, unless a responsible older sibling is assigned to watch over them. Lunch time is also a time when parents are to be completely responsible for their own children. This is for their safety and for the protection of the church.

All co-op parents will be required to grant permission to the co-op board so that they may request a Criminal History Information from the Washington State Patrol.

ALL VISITORS must sign in at the board table. We will provide a co-op nametag so all adults on campus are identifiable. Stay friendly if you see an unfamiliar face, but walk them to the board table to check in.

Please do not prop any doors open - this compromises the safety of our co-op children.

Add/Drop Classes

Information regarding our Add/Drop policy is available on our web site under "Class Information".